Our Pc server build

We had need more power to support the project. We had an AMD Opteron x2 2.4Ghz, 2gb RAM DDR2, 2x 250gb RAID1 Software. That was not enough. We were looking for something insane for the lower price as possible. We decided to build our own server and manage it by our self. The price & performance for a lower price was hard to find from other server providers. Here is the crazy story of what we tried to get:

We wanted tons of RAM. Maybe starting with 16gb, but not less, an awesome motherboard with PCIE 16x and only one CPU; an AMD 8 cores would be a good choice. OK, for the storage, we decided to buy a Fusion-IO 640gb. hun? Yeah, I bought a used one.

Fusion IO 640gbFusionIO was the answer. But, what a nightmare. The one we bought was a promotional demo.┬áNot what we were supposed to get. Impossible to work. It was broken. Since this was not a real product, FusionIO couldn’t give us support, but we appreciate the time they took to help us about that issue. We finally got our money back. We were happy to get real power for the server, but we decided to buy something more “reasonable”. We bought an OWC Accelsior. Great value, great power, easy to install & strong RAID setup.

The server has now a great setup. It runs cool & it is fast. Pcnfo is a big, big, I mean really big project. So, power & fast answers are priority. OK, we must find the right balance between the hardware & software, so, optimization is also part of the setup. Tons of tweeks will help us to reach the best performance for that hardware.

What is our actual server setup?
CPU: AMD Opteron 6128 HE 8 cores
MTB: Supermicro ATX 1xCPU, 8xDDR3 ECC, PCIE 16x v2RAM: 4x 4gb DDR3 ECC
SSD: OWC Accelsior 2x 120GB RAID1
PSU: 650W Corsair Platinum 80PLUS

First test
OWC Accelsior 240gb read speedIs this fast enough? For a first build, I think it will do the job. cached reads 2907.78MB/sec. Surely not the power of Fusion IO, but good speed for our needs.

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Big update

new-logoWe took a year to make a reborn of pcnfo. Yeah. It was hard, but I think you’ll see a better design with this new one. We focused on lot of optimizations, design & quality. I think we got something great, something different. Pcnfo logo has now changed. It looks smart & clean. We love it.

At the start of February, we will launch our new stuff. This will the last big update in that way. For all next, it will be sooner & more frequent. Since, we have 2 jobs at the same time, it is not as easy to manage our dev time & our deployment of new features.

In my next post, I will surely let you know more about our next features. But for the moment, I can tell you that Pcnfo Live is now ready. It will do more than you think & will surely unlock your full “pc adept” potential. Actually, Pcnfo Live app will keep you connected to the online community & will help you to understand your Pc status such like:

  • What is my hardware?
  • What kind of gamer am I?
  • What are the lastest news?
  • What is the ……….. of my computer? (one of our next feature)
  • Who is my team?

I looked at some other projects, similar to Pcnfo. Tons of websites try to focus on price match. I know that this is interesting in way where you want a new Pc, but what about when you already have that Pc? We built Pcnfo like the evolving platform for your Pc hardware & your Pc experiences.

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pcnfo live app status

We still work hard on the next version of the live app. We found some users that didn’t add manually their parts once auto-detection completed. So, we built an external app that will guide people on getting their full setup online.

Once the new live app will be out, all registered user will be notified by email. We strongly suggest you to register, even if your Pc build isn’t ready online. Some of you have insane beasts as gaming rig and we think the community should have a look at it with our virtual Pc viewer.

Our team is going bigger. Since this project is so big, I cannot handle everything alone. We removed some apps from the project. We will revise them to make them better. We have tons of ideas how to make this community system better.

Some of you asked us from Reddit whats the difference with PcPartPicker. PPP is not the same app as Pcnfo. PPP focus on making the shopping experience of computer hardware easier with a list system of new parts from many different online computer shops. Pcnfo is focusing on making apps about computer universe (hardware & software) for computer adepts where some ads profits are used to get real, yeah, real hardware available in exchange of rewards of our members. The most active is the member in the system, the most it is rewarded. I know that some of you think of their next Nvidia or Radeon card. Be sure, that will come for true. We think that people will use something that will give back to them and will make some fun in their life.

Our goal is to make this app the greatest place where real computer hardware adepts will feel as home.

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Pc.nfo Live will be out soon

logged_userWe will finish the new release soon. In this release, you’ll see the new design which is better than the previous one. It will allow people to sync their computer’s background & user’s logo with the app. The computer’s background is the one you see online once your computer has been auto-detected by the app. People will now have a way to personalize their space online and show how great is their computer.

This app will be easy to use. We work hard on making this app the most useful to all computer adepts such as us.

You can see 3 buttons on the bottom of the app.

The first one allow people to be redirected online to their online configuration. On that page, the user can see the “real” aspect of the computer, the hardware specs, the last activities, the profile of usage & the pictures uploaded by the user. The picture division will be used to promote the user’s desktop & computer.

The second button is the same hardware detector when you start the app. It auto-detects all parts of the computer & inform the server about the components. So, when you go online, you can see your entire setup with your attached parts.

The third button allow the user to access directly its profile online. The user can customize its profile’s avatar & nickname color.

login_formThe login panel has also been re-designed. The same fields are still there with a more compact & better looking visual.

We invite people to register as beta tester. We need your feedback on the app. All your comments will be preciously studied to make this app better every day.

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How to detect your entire computer the easiest way

I made a quick video yesterday about the auto-detection tool Pc.nfo Live. The goal of the app is to make something different of CPU-Z & GPU-Z. I know, they are great apps, but when you want to learn more about your power supply, chassis & heatsink, there is no way to detect them. All you’ll get, it is the chip’s specification.

Here is what I mean, if you detect a graphic card of the same chip from 2 different manufacturers, GPU-Z will show you almost the same specs, but it fact, physically, they are not the same. So, Pc.nfo Live can make a difference, by finding the right graphic card.

In the video, I show you my gaming rig. Nothing exceptional, but enough power for my favorite games. Here is my specs: evga tri-sli 790i motherboard, q6600 processor, silverstone nt-01 copper heatsink, 4x mushkin 2gigs ddr2 1066 memory, 2x asus fanless en9600gt 512mb graphic card, mushkin 650w power supply, owc accelsior 120gb raid ssd card, all in my coolermaster centurion2 chassis.

Now, we know that Pc.nfo Live should detect my motherboard, cpu, rams, gpus, hdd or ssd. In my video, he found the motherboard & cpu only. That is because of the base knowledge of the project. The more people detect computers, the more parts will be included in the database. Each part must be designed within a specific quality.

Those who want to see and manage their computer with Pc.nfo, if some parts are not detected or not in the manual completion list, email at info@pcnfo.com with your parts name. I will add them in priority.

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computer hardware database app

This is the first release of the new computer hardware database app. It allows people to add computer parts that will be usable in the computer builder. For each part added, the user will get reward.

I made a quick tutorial on “how to add a new part” in the database. Pretty simple. First, log you in Pc.nfo with your credentials. Go to Database app from the top menu. Choose you computer hardware category, then fill each field with the appropriate detail. In the following demo, I add a new motherboard from Asus. To be sure of what I add, I find the official motherboard web page, copy the serial number, compare it in NCIX website (just to validate), then enter it as the official serial number. The title of the component is the same as the serial in that case, the brand is Asus, the width & height is the one provided on the Asus motherboard website and the url is that website from Asus.

Then, I enter the motherboard standard which is MATX 244×244 and check “yes” that this motherboard has a latch. What is a latch? It is the metal plate that fix the cpu to its socket. Most of the motherboard for AMD processor do not have this piece.

So, I finish with the real picture of the part with the viewable side of the part as I should see it in a complete computer built.

I must thanks all people who will take time to add parts to that database. Be sure, you will rewarded for this task. But take note, that all parts will be evaluated and if any details are wrong, we will adjust them or simply refuse them.

ok, on the next step, I will show you what Pc.nfo Live can differently do as a computer part detector. I made few tests and results were amazing! Trust me, this new kind of computer detector will change everything in the computer experience of everyone.

Once the demo will be online, I will need a gaming team to be beta testers for a unique release of Pc.nfo Live.

but, for the moment, take a look a the database tutorial I made today. ;D

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first contest, draw us a new great logo

We want something new that people will appreciate. So, we decided to launch our first contest; Make a new great logo!

We offer 100$ + Pc.nfo Live Limited Edition of your choice for free.

  1. The logo must be in high resolution
  2. with project name “Pc.nfo”
  3. with or without an icon (such as the laptop)
  4. with light color (such as white or grey light)
  5. with theme of computer & technology
  6. of course, transparency around (no wallpaper)

Send your logo to info@pcnfo.com with title as “Logo contest”. We will contact you to confirm your participation.

We will keep the 5 best logos, then publish them for public votes.

The contest will end on 30th June 2014. This contest could be cancelled if we do not get enough participations.

Good luck!

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computer part database under work

I work on the database section which will allow people to add their parts online. This will accelerate the process of adding parts. It will be easy to use and also very fast. We need something that is useful to everybody and also useful for the community. By the way, as I promise, rewards will be given to people who help us to grow that database. And it will really paying high. In that case, those who already have rewards will have a chance to get more faster and having more chance to exchange these rewards for new hardware.

The new tool should be ready soon, but will have few more update to come after. I want it to be the fastest as possible. In that way, I think people will enjoy even more of that new tool.

If you think you can do something for this project, send us an email at info@pcnfo.com.

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fixed few details in computer builder

It was time to fix few features of the pc builder tool. I will set it with an higher efficient design. People will see what they shop online and what it will look like once built in their hands. Plus, I plan more from the pc builder with new high technical features. All computer adepts will appreciate it, I promise. ;P

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new homepage

We finally built a new homepage with a better design. It looks great now and also more clear. I fixed a random way to show the background. Now, once logged in, you’ll have a way to send us feedback about the project.

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