Pc.nfo Live will be out soon

logged_userWe will finish the new release soon. In this release, you’ll see the new design which is better than the previous one. It will allow people to sync their computer’s background & user’s logo with the app. The computer’s background is the one you see online once your computer has been auto-detected by the app. People will now have a way to personalize their space online and show how great is their computer.

This app will be easy to use. We work hard on making this app the most useful to all computer adepts such as us.

You can see 3 buttons on the bottom of the app.

The first one allow people to be redirected online to their online configuration. On that page, the user can see the “real” aspect of the computer, the hardware specs, the last activities, the profile of usage & the pictures uploaded by the user. The picture division will be used to promote the user’s desktop & computer.

The second button is the same hardware detector when you start the app. It auto-detects all parts of the computer & inform the server about the components. So, when you go online, you can see your entire setup with your attached parts.

The third button allow the user to access directly its profile online. The user can customize its profile’s avatar & nickname color.

login_formThe login panel has also been re-designed. The same fields are still there with a more compact & better looking visual.

We invite people to register as beta tester. We need your feedback on the app. All your comments will be preciously studied to make this app better every day.

About cybertronsnk

I am the founder of Pcnfo project. I have a strong background in PHP, MySQL, SVN & beer! ;P I'm always looking for help to maintain & build that project. If interested, feel free to ask at info@pcnfo.com
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