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This is the first release of the new computer hardware database app. It allows people to add computer parts that will be usable in the computer builder. For each part added, the user will get reward.

I made a quick tutorial on “how to add a new part” in the database. Pretty simple. First, log you in Pc.nfo with your credentials. Go to Database app from the top menu. Choose you computer hardware category, then fill each field with the appropriate detail. In the following demo, I add a new motherboard from Asus. To be sure of what I add, I find the official motherboard web page, copy the serial number, compare it in NCIX website (just to validate), then enter it as the official serial number. The title of the component is the same as the serial in that case, the brand is Asus, the width & height is the one provided on the Asus motherboard website and the url is that website from Asus.

Then, I enter the motherboard standard which is MATX 244×244 and check “yes” that this motherboard has a latch. What is a latch? It is the metal plate that fix the cpu to its socket. Most of the motherboard for AMD processor do not have this piece.

So, I finish with the real picture of the part with the viewable side of the part as I should see it in a complete computer built.

I must thanks all people who will take time to add parts to that database. Be sure, you will rewarded for this task. But take note, that all parts will be evaluated and if any details are wrong, we will adjust them or simply refuse them.

ok, on the next step, I will show you what Pc.nfo Live can differently do as a computer part detector. I made few tests and results were amazing! Trust me, this new kind of computer detector will change everything in the computer experience of everyone.

Once the demo will be online, I will need a gaming team to be beta testers for a unique release of Pc.nfo Live.

but, for the moment, take a look a the database tutorial I made today. ;D

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I am the founder of Pcnfo project. I have a strong background in PHP, MySQL, SVN & beer! ;P I'm always looking for help to maintain & build that project. If interested, feel free to ask at
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