computer part database under work

I work on the database section which will allow people to add their parts online. This will accelerate the process of adding parts. It will be easy to use and also very fast. We need something that is useful to everybody and also useful for the community. By the way, as I promise, rewards will be given to people who help us to grow that database. And it will really paying high. In that case, those who already have rewards will have a chance to get more faster and having more chance to exchange these rewards for new hardware.

The new tool should be ready soon, but will have few more update to come after. I want it to be the fastest as possible. In that way, I think people will enjoy even more of that new tool.

If you think you can do something for this project, send us an email at

About cybertronsnk

I am the founder of Pcnfo project. I have a strong background in PHP, MySQL, SVN & beer! ;P I'm always looking for help to maintain & build that project. If interested, feel free to ask at
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