Our Pc server build

We had need more power to support the project. We had an AMD Opteron x2 2.4Ghz, 2gb RAM DDR2, 2x 250gb RAID1 Software. That was not enough. We were looking for something insane for the lower price as possible. We decided to build our own server and manage it by our self. The price & performance for a lower price was hard to find from other server providers. Here is the crazy story of what we tried to get:

We wanted tons of RAM. Maybe starting with 16gb, but not less, an awesome motherboard with PCIE 16x and only one CPU; an AMD 8 cores would be a good choice. OK, for the storage, we decided to buy a Fusion-IO 640gb. hun? Yeah, I bought a used one.

Fusion IO 640gbFusionIO was the answer. But, what a nightmare. The one we bought was a promotional demo.┬áNot what we were supposed to get. Impossible to work. It was broken. Since this was not a real product, FusionIO couldn’t give us support, but we appreciate the time they took to help us about that issue. We finally got our money back. We were happy to get real power for the server, but we decided to buy something more “reasonable”. We bought an OWC Accelsior. Great value, great power, easy to install & strong RAID setup.

The server has now a great setup. It runs cool & it is fast. Pcnfo is a big, big, I mean really big project. So, power & fast answers are priority. OK, we must find the right balance between the hardware & software, so, optimization is also part of the setup. Tons of tweeks will help us to reach the best performance for that hardware.

What is our actual server setup?
CPU: AMD Opteron 6128 HE 8 cores
MTB: Supermicro ATX 1xCPU, 8xDDR3 ECC, PCIE 16x v2RAM: 4x 4gb DDR3 ECC
SSD: OWC Accelsior 2x 120GB RAID1
PSU: 650W Corsair Platinum 80PLUS

First test
OWC Accelsior 240gb read speedIs this fast enough? For a first build, I think it will do the job. cached reads 2907.78MB/sec. Surely not the power of Fusion IO, but good speed for our needs.

About cybertronsnk

I am the founder of Pcnfo project. I have a strong background in PHP, MySQL, SVN & beer! ;P I'm always looking for help to maintain & build that project. If interested, feel free to ask at info@pcnfo.com
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