pcnfo live app status

We still work hard on the next version of the live app. We found some users that didn’t add manually their parts once auto-detection completed. So, we built an external app that will guide people on getting their full setup online.

Once the new live app will be out, all registered user will be notified by email. We strongly suggest you to register, even if your Pc build isn’t ready online. Some of you have insane beasts as gaming rig and we think the community should have a look at it with our virtual Pc viewer.

Our team is going bigger. Since this project is so big, I cannot handle everything alone. We removed some apps from the project. We will revise them to make them better. We have tons of ideas how to make this community system better.

Some of you asked us from Reddit whats the difference with PcPartPicker. PPP is not the same app as Pcnfo. PPP focus on making the shopping experience of computer hardware easier with a list system of new parts from many different online computer shops. Pcnfo is focusing on making apps about computer universe (hardware & software) for computer adepts where some ads profits are used to get real, yeah, real hardware available in exchange of rewards of our members. The most active is the member in the system, the most it is rewarded. I know that some of you think of their next Nvidia or Radeon card. Be sure, that will come for true. We think that people will use something that will give back to them and will make some fun in their life.

Our goal is to make this app the greatest place where real computer hardware adepts will feel as home.

About cybertronsnk

I am the founder of Pcnfo project. I have a strong background in PHP, MySQL, SVN & beer! ;P I'm always looking for help to maintain & build that project. If interested, feel free to ask at info@pcnfo.com
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